Briosa e Gala & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL” (BG Adgovados) is guided from a combination of values and principles that representing the distinctive nature of this project.

Through these values and principles, BG Advogados intends to take position in a space identified by the quality of its legal services, by the enhancement of personal and professional satisfaction of its people and in the exclusive interest of their clients.

The defense of the ethical principles of the law practice constitutes an absolute value of the image and identity of BG Advogados.

Being a lawyer is to fight against arbitrariness and injustice, combating for more justice and a balanced society. This firm is committed to developing the social role of law practices and scrupulously compliance of professional standards.

Among others, BG Advogados establishes the following principles, which should be interpreted as a whole, although herein divided in two planes:

In the external plan:

  • Rigorand independence in the provision of legal services;
  • Provision of the legal service exclusively oriented towards the client’s interest;
  • To preserve the confidence in the relationship between client and lawyer;
  • Promotion of partnerships and initiatives within the civil society;
  • Synergy of knowledge and contacts;
  • Valorization on development of digital communication.

In the internal plan:

  • Training of all associates;
  • Existence of a carrer progressive planing for all workers;
  • Materializing the principle of maximum freedom, maximum responsibility on individual decisions of each worker and on the decisions of the Firm;
  • Promotion of sharing information and knowledge among all workers;
  • Promotion of team spirit;
  • Promotion of a good working environment;
  • Promotion of merit and a proactive approach within the limits established by the internal regulation.