Foreign Investment

BG Advogados have extensive experience in the response to the challenging issues that this international area of practice faces, including the nature multidisciplinary. The Firm have a team of international lawyers, proactive and with strong knowledge in several jurisdictions, through its network of international partnerships. On other hand, we have a permanent local team with experience in structuring and implementation of investment projects in diverse economic sectors in Portugal.

We provide counseling to all kinds of investors in connection with the structuring, global planning and implementation of the respective foreign investment projects, contributing decisively to minimize the impact of legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the various jurisdictions involved, optimizing means and associated costs and assisting in building solid compliance programs, risks assessment and contractual management. We know the importance of compliance with the investment project by the promotor company, so our advice monitors the implementation of investment contracts and aims at the creation of added value promised to the host country.

BG Advogados has a strong understanding of Portuguese legal system, as well as the Angolan and Mozambican regulatory issues, therefore the Firm’s can provide assistance on structuring complex investment and operations under the legal regime of tax advantages / benefits of each jurisdiction.

The Firm also have expertise in all aspects related to international trade, transport and customs regulation.